Sober Living in 5 (More) Easy Steps – Even for “Real” Alcoholics!

Sober living may not be natural for some us, but it is possible for most of us.

Let’s be honest here…if I were left to my natural state I would not be a very pleasant person. I would be drunk and nasty. I would not get along well with people around me. I would be resentful and endlessly negative.

The only way I can live a sober life is to follow a program of recovery. I don’t necessarily endorse any particular method, but I will share some tips that have helped me stay sober for a few years.

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1. Share Your Pain
Someone once said that “pain shared is pain cut in half”. I’m not sure if that is 100% true, but I have found that when I discuss my challenges with people who have similar experiences, I find relief. When I confess my “secrets” out loud, they don’t seem as bad.

Be careful about telling war stories to folks with no frame of reference. Sharing your pain to someone with no experience with addiction or alcoholism can cause problems.

2. Help Others
God created us to live in fellowship with others. Further, He intends for us to be of service to the people around us. The obvious place for this to start is at home. Endeavor to be of as much help as possible to your family. Be productive, vital, relevant and accommodating. Look for opportunities to help co-workers and friends. See difficulties as opportunities to be of service. Most importantly, help other addicts by sharing your experience with sober living.

Helping others often gives unique perspective on how good you really have it. Just like your mother taught you…no matter how tough things are, someone else always has it worse.

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3. Give Yourself a Break
Getting sober is hard work! Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle along the way. You are going to have bad days and setbacks. Just remember that those difficulties always pass. When challenges pop up remember how you felt when you were living a drinking/drugging life. The worst day sober is better than the best day drunk!

4. Be grateful
If you are lucky enough to be given the gift of sobriety, be grateful. When I get in the habit of thinking about all the good things in my life (health, family, friends, etc) I don’t have time or energy to brood on whatever challenges are in front of me on that day. Be deliberate about your gratitude. Write it down and share it with others. Gratitude leads to a positive attitude, which leads to a good day!

5. Don’t Use Any Mind-Altering Substances
Now, this one seems pretty obvious, but I feel that I would be remiss if I excluded it. I cannot live a sober life if I am using substances to change the way I feel. The excuse “I’m an alcoholic so taking pain pills or smoking a joint is alright” does not work. The reason I abused alcohol was that I did not like the way I felt and drinking changed that for me. The same is true of any other substance…no matter what your drug of choice may be.

Ascension House – Sober Living Austin is a newly renovated sober living home in the heart of Austin, TX. We offer a safe and supportive environment for those seeking to maintain their sobriety. Our comfortable setting and close proximity to downtown make it easy for residents to get to meetings, appointments, and other amenities.

Perfect…I am not! However, a few years of sobriety have completely changed my perspective. I now know that I don’t have to be hateful and nasty. I still have bad days, but most of my interactions with people are positive. I don’t hate myself and I’m not full of fear, regret or despair. I don’t fight with everyone about everything. I’m not well…but I’m better.

None of this was free though. I had to follow steps similar to the ones listed here. But most of all I had to be honest with myself about who I was and who I wanted to be.

After years of battling alcohol, Clay was lucky enough to find the strength to get sober. The transition to a sober lifestyle has not been easy, but the rewards have been well worth the struggle.

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